3rd Quarter 2017

Gross National Income & Gross Domestic Product

Imports of Goods of the Philippines

Imports of Goods increases
The total Imports of Goods grew by 14.4 percent in the third quarter of 2017, which was faster than the 14.1 percent recorded in 2016. The growth of the sector was due to the following commodities: Component/Devices (Semiconductors), 36.9 percent; Electronic Data Processing, 8.5 percent; Communication/Radar, 46.1 percent; Mineral Fuels, 25.7 percent; and Transport Equipment, 7.9 percent.
On the contrary, the following pulled down the sector’s growth: Telecommunication, negative 32.1 percent; Artificial resins, negative 5.4 percent; Feedstuff, negative 7.3 percent; Control and Instrumentation, negative 2.1 percent; and Textile yarns, negative 0.9 percent.

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