Palay and Corn Quarterly Bulletin, October 2016

Palay and corn outputs for January to June 2016 were lower than their 2015 levels by 8.13 percent and 16.35 percent, respectively. The decline was mainly attributed to the contraction of harvest areas and lower yields due to the El Niño Phenomenon.
Probable production of both palay and corn crops for July-December 2016 may incur positive growths of 4.49 percent and 7.20 percent, respectively.
Palay and corn outputs for calendar year 2016 may suffer setbacks of 1.30 percent and 3.39 percent, respectively, compared with their levels last year.


Production for July-September 2016 at 2.97 million MT grew by 16.35 percent from the 2.55 million MT output in 2015. Harvest area increased to 745.00 thousand hectares from last year’s level of 653.00 thousand hectares. Yield was higher at 3.98 MT per hectare from 3.91 MT per hectare last year.