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Press Conference on the November 2021 Labor Force Survey
Press Conference on the November 2021 Labor Force Survey

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26 January 2022

The GWPI for the Philippines picked up further at an annual rate of 4.2 percent in November 2021, from 3.9 percent in October 2021.

26 January 2022

Relative to their price levels in the first phase of December 2021 (01 to 05 December 2021), the average retail prices of a kilogram of well... Read more about Price Situationer of Selected Agricultural Commodities Second Phase of December 2021.

26 January 2022

In 2020, a total of 1,528,684 live births were registered, which is equivalent to a crude birth rate (CBR) of 14.1 or 14 births per thousand... Read more about Registered Live Births in the Philippines, 2020.

26 January 2022

Annual rate of CMRPI in NCR picked up further to 2.3 percent in November 2021, from 2.1 percent in October 2021.

26 January 2022

The data on the number of births, marriages and deaths (vital events) presented in this regular monthly release were obtained from the vital... Read more about Birth, Marriage, and Death Statistics for 2021 (Preliminary, as of 31 December 2021).

26 January 2022

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) granted clearance for the conduct of the Household and Community Profiling Survey 2021 by the Philippine... Read more about PSA Granted Clearance for the Conduct of the PIDS Household and Community Profiling Survey 2021.

26 January 2022

The Third quarter 2021 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate was revised downward to 6.9 percent from the preliminary estimate of 7.1 percent.... Read more about GDP Growth Rate for Third Quarter 2021 was revised to 6.9 percent.

26 January 2022

In the fourth quarter of 2021, value of production in agriculture and fisheries at constant 2018 prices increased by 0.6 percent. This was... Read more about Value of Production in Agriculture and Fisheries Increased by 0.6 Percent in the Fourth Quarter of 2021.

25 January 2022

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) started the compilation of the Provincial Product Accounts (PPA) in 2021 in all the provinces and highly... Read more about PSA to Compile Provincial Product Accounts in Provinces and HUCs in Six Additional Regions in 2022.

Latest Publications

Palay Production in the Philippines

Palay Production in the Philippines

This report presents the results of the Palay Production Survey, which provides annual updates on palay production. The data items include palay production, area harvested and yield, fertilizer usage, pesticide usage, and seed usage by ecosystem and seed type at the regional and national level....

Value of Production in Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries

Value of Production in Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries, Fourth Quarter 2021

This quarterly report on the Performance of Agriculture presents the accomplishments of agriculture during a particular reference period. The performance is measured in terms of the value of production at constant prices and at current prices. It focuses on the measurement of the whole sector (...

Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory

Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory, November 2021

This is brief monthly report on the rice and corn inventory held by households, commercial warehouses and NFA depositories as of the first day of the month. Household stocks data are sourced from the Palay and Corn Stocks Survey (PCSS) of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Crops Statistics of the Philippines - National and Regional

Crops Statistics of the Philippines, 2016-2020

This report presents time series statistics of the 21 major crops highlighted in the quarterly Report on the Performance in Agriculture which the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) releases every quarter. It contains data on production, hectarage, number of bearing trees, yield per hectare...

Latest Technical Notes

The Monthly Labor Force Survey (LFS) is a nationwide survey of households conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to gather data on the demographic and socio-economic... Read more about November 2021 Labor Force Survey.

The Foreign Investments Information System (FIIS) was started in 1991 as a project 1 to develop an integrated approach for generating and reporting foreign direct investments (FDI) in the... Read more about Approved Foreign Investments.

The Philippine National Health Accounts (PNHA) provides information on health care spending in the country. It provides data in determining whether the aggregate health care spending from all... Read more about 2014-2019 Philippine National Health Accounts.

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