Objectives and Expected Outcomes

The workshop will bring together data producers from government (PSA,PSRTI, and other relevant line ministries), from academe, main telecommunications companies (Smart, Globe, PLDT, Sun), government regulatory agencies, other potential data providers and sources from private sector (e.g., market research groups, pharmaceutical groups, market retailers association, private survey companies, data analytics companies, etc.), and data user representatives in Philippines as well as representatives from other countries who can illustrate the use of big data. 
The workshop aims to review current practices in the Philippines on using alternative data sources, challenges and constraints, lessons learned, and opportunities in using new data sources (e.g., telecom data, social media, sensors, credit card records, perception surveys, etc.) to enrich official statistics in a developing country setting. 
The workshop will discuss/examine aspects such as:
  • Context of big data in a developing country perspective (what is big data, defining the scope and framework);
  • availability and access to big data (identifying types of big data available and its accessibility for use in official statistics; current practices in the statistical systems; use of ICT to facilitate access); 
  • privacy and confidentiality issues (i.e., building trust between the various stakeholders; explicit agreements; risk management);
  • ownership and sharing (i.e., business model that is attractive for private-for-profit and non-for-profit sector to provide access and share its data); and
  • regulation and partnership (i.e., legal issues governing use of data outside government, existing data sharing arrangements and conditionalities, if any) 
  • Philippines’ sharing on what it already does( use of other sources of information ( e.g., in System of National Accounts)
The workshop will come up with the following:
  • Documentation of practices, experiences, challenges and issues in using big data for official statistics in the Philippines
  • Recommendations in the use of big data for official statistics, specifically action forward to expand use of big data:
  • guidelines, principles/ethics, protocols on access and use of alternative data sources 
  • appropriate business models
  • potential engagement and future partnership arrangement between statistical offices/systems and other providers and sources of data
  • areas to be improved in the national statistical system (i.e., institution, infrastructure, systems, resources, etc.) to leverage use of big data in official statistics