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Family Expenditures


The expenses or disbursements made by the family purely for personal consumption during the reference period. These include: - Total value of all items of consumption/expenditure bought on credit during the reference period as well as services availed of within the same period that have not been fully paid at the time of visit. - Value consumed from gifts, support, assistance or relief in goods and services received by the family from friends, relatives and imputed rent of owner-occupied dwelling unit. '- Gifts, support, assistance or relief in goods and services donated by the family to friends, relatives and others like tithes, contribution to church, etc. - Imputed value of goods/ services received as fringe benefits from employer or part of the salaries/wages of employed family members.
. They exclude all expenses in relation to farm or business operations, investment ventures, purchase of real property and other disbursements, which do not involve personal consumption. b. Cash and in kind payments made during the period for items bought on credit prior to the reference period are not included. refer to the value of produce/receipts minus operating expenses such as seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides, irrigation, etc. d. Consistent with the treatment of family income, expenditure is imputed for own-produced goods consumed by the family. e. Total expenditures for the whole year are estimated from the expenditures captured during the reference period; e.g. when the reference period is the past week, expenditures for the week are multiplied by 26 weeks to account for the semester's expenditure. Thus, the total expenditure for the year for the particular expenditure item would just be the sum of the expenditures for the first and second semesters.

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