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Family Income


The primary income and receipts from other sources received by all family members during the reference period, as participants in any economic activity or as recipients of transfers, pensions, grants, interests, food and non-food items received as gifts by the family. Primary income includes: - Salaries and wages from employment - Commissions, tips, bonuses, family and clothing allowance, transportation and representation allowance and honoraria - Other forms of compensation and net receipts derived from the operation of family-operated enterprises/activities and the practice of a profession or trade Income from other sources includes: - Imputed rental values of owner-occupied dwelling units - Interests - Rentals including landowner's share of agricultural products - Pensions, royalties and dividends from investments - Gifts, support in any form (physical, material and financial) and the value of food and non-food items received as gifts by the family (as well as the imputed value of services rendered free of charge to the family). - Cash received out of salaries/wages and other sources of income of a family member who is a contract worker abroad and also cash receipts sent by a family member/relative of the household with a status of residency abroad other than that of a contract worker - Receipts from family sustenance activities, which are not considered as family operated enterprise.
- Receipts that are not considered as family income are those which do not come from earnings, property income and gifts received by the family. Examples are loans borrowed from the bank or from other sources, withdrawal from savings account, cash surrender value of insurance, sale of real or personal properties (gains realized from the sale, however, is considered as income), payments received from loans granted to others, inheritance, profits from sale of stocks and bonds and net winnings from gambling and sweepstakes - Net receipts refers to the value of produce/receipts minus operating expenses such as seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides, irrigation, etc.

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