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Dependents of OFs


Refer to dependents of OFs consisting of spouse, parents and children below 21 years of age, including persons with disability regardless of age. Their duration of stay must not exceed 12 months.
Note: PWDs should be family member.

PSS Agency BI(Identified by the Interagency Committee on Migration Statistics (IACMS) as possible agency/agencies that can provide information on the concept/s)

Annex 2 D.11, Annex 2 D.12. of Strategies for Developing Statistics on the International Migration of Workers (Joint UN ECE-EUROSTAT); Presidential Decree 1921 with some modifications by the IACMS

Indicators / Statistics Being Generated Not applicable
PSA Board Resolution PSA Board Resolution No. 08 Series of 2017
Statistical Domain Demographic and social statistics
Statistical Activity Population and migration

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