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Other agricultural activities


1. raising of breeder dogs for sale such as Bulldog, Terrier, Labrador, Chihuahua, German Shepherd and Shih Tzu
2. raising race horses for sale such as Arabian horse, American Paint Horse, American Quarter Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse and Thoroughbred
3. bee culture/honey production
4. vermiculture/earthworm culture
5. sericulture/silk/cocoon production
6. contract growing of trees
7. orchid growing for sale
8. ornamental plants and flower gardening for sale(excluding orchids)
1. raising of game fowls and other poultry and livestock solely for recreation and amusement, and/or used for transportation not in connection with the activities of the farm or holding and for propagation services;
2. tending of animal stock when these animals are scheduled for slaughter; and
3. caring of plants/ornamentals for sale when the trader acts only as middleman or does not propagate own stocks for sale.

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2012 CAF Enumerator's Manual

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Statistical Domain Economic Statistics
Statistical Activity Agriculture, forestry, fisheries

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