NSCB Resolution No. 6
Series of 2010


WHEREAS, the Philippines has been observing the National Statistics Month (NSM) since 1990 pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 647, “Declaring the Month of October of Every Year as the National Statistics Month;”

WHEREAS, the UN Statistics Division (UNSD) reports that, along with the Philippines, 101 other countries and areas have been celebrating a statistics day, week or month to raise the profile of official statistics;

WHEREAS, in September 2008, the UNSD consulted countries and regional and international agencies on the proposal of observing World Statistics Day on 20 October 2010;

WHEREAS, an overwhelming support was solicited from around 75 countries and international organizations towards this initiative, confirming that the time had come to declare such a special day to celebrate all the achievements of official statistics and to enhance its visibility at the national, regional and global levels;

WHEREAS, in acknowledgement of the service provided by the global statistical system at the national and international level, and of the need to help strengthen the awareness and trust of the public in official statistics, the United Nations Statistical Commission, in its 41st session held on 23-26 February 2010, endorsed 20 October 2010 as the date of the first World Statistics Day (WSD), to be observed by national, subregional, regional, and international statistical offices or entities;

WHEREAS, the overarching theme for the first WSD will be “Celebrating the Many Achievements of Official Statistics” with emphasis on the core values of service, integrity and professionalism;

WHEREAS, the WSD will serve as an advocacy tool to further support the work of statisticians across different settings, cultures and domains;

WHEREAS, during this worldwide celebration, activities at the national level will highlight the role of official statistics and the many achievements of the national statistical system, and international, regional and subregional organizations will complement national activities with additional events;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the Board:  (1) enjoin the support and participation of the members of the Philippine Statistical System (PSS) to the nationwide observance of World Statistics Day on 20 October 2010; and  (2) endorse to the Office of the President the issuance of a Presidential Proclamation on the nationwide observance of World Statistics Day on 20 October 2010;


  1. PSS agencies submit listing of activities for the WSD to the NSCB Technical Staff for approval of the NCS/NSM/WSD Steering Committee;

  2. NSCB Technical Staff serve as overall WSD coordinator in the PSS to:

    (a) facilitate sharing of information regarding the activities being planned to celebrate WSD in the Philippines, particularly thru the NSCB and the UNSD/WSD websites;  and 

    (b) ensure the success of the various programs/activities to be undertaken during the WSD celebration.

Approved this 12th day of May 2010, in Pasig City.


Attested by:


Secretary General

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