NSCB Resolution No. 12
Series of 2011


WHEREAS, Executive Order (EO) No. 352, “Designation of Statistical Activities that will Generate Critical Data for Decision Making of the Government and the Private Sector” issued on 1 July 1996, established the System of Designated Statistics (SDS) in the Philippine Statistical System (PSS);

WHEREAS, per EO 352 and NSCB Resolutions No. 8 (Series of 1996), No. 3 (Series of 1997), and No. 1 (Series of 1998), a total of 57 designated statistics and statistical activities are now being generated/implemented by 20 agencies under the SDS, as approved based on established criteria;

WHEREAS, the SDS is a dynamic process that allows for improvement/updating to keep it attuned to the needs of data users and involves modifications, addition of relevant activities, and deletion of activities no longer considered priority;

WHEREAS, any modification on, addition to, or deletion from the list of designated statistics and statistical activities shall be approved through a Board Resolution in accordance with the implementing guidelines of EO 352 and the guidelines on the modifications to the designated statistics/statistical activities per NSCB Resolution No. 2 (Series of 2000);

WHEREAS, the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI), in close coordination with the Interagency Committee on Health and Nutrition Statistics (IACHNS) and the NSCB Technical Staff, has proposed modifications in its two designated statistical activities, namely: (1) the National Nutrition Survey (NNS), and (2) Updating of the Nutritional Status of Filipino Children and Other Population Groups;

WHEREAS, the proposed modifications are intended to: (1) specify the key indicators to be produced from each statistical activity; (2) identify the age and physiologic groups covered by some of the key indicators; (3) include provincial and sex disaggregation for selected indicators; (4) adjust the reference age groups of the two indicators on infant and young child feeding practices; (5) include the proportion of population with mean one-day energy intake less than 100% adequacy as an additional indicator to be generated; and (6) adjust the schedule of data dissemination for the NNS indicators on behavioral risk factors and on food consumption and nutrient intake and adequacies from one year to two years;

WHEREAS, after review and evaluation, the NSCB Technical Staff and the IACHNS have recommended for approval of the Board the proposed modifications on the designated statistical activities of FNRI;

WHEREAS, the proposed modifications were presented during the second quarter Board meeting held on 24 May 2011 and while the Board was generally agreeable with the proposed modifications, some reservations were raised on the proposed changes in the time lag for some of the NNS indicators;

WHEREAS, the concerns of the Board were discussed in a follow-up meeting of the IACHNS held on 18 August 2011 and also in a special bilateral meeting between FNRI and the NSCB Technical Staff held on 22 August, after which the FNRI agreed to exert efforts to reduce the current time lag for the indicators on behavioral risk factors and on food consumption and nutrient intake and adequacies, and to retain the originally designated schedule of data dissemination of one year after the reference period;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the Board approve the second batch of modifications in the System of Designated Statistics involving the two designated statistical activities of FNRI for implementation (Annex BR-12-20110902-01);

BE IT RESOLVED FURTHER that the Department of Budget and Management be enjoined to provide the required budgetary support at the earliest time possible, preferably in the first quarter of each survey year, to enable the FNRI to start the survey operations early and pursue its improvement efforts to be able to comply with the requirements of the modified designation for NNS and the Updating of the Nutritional Status of Filipino Children and Other Population Groups.

Approved this 2nd day of September 2011, in Pasig City.


Attested by:


Secretary General

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