NSCB Resolution No. 15
Series of 2011 


WHEREAS, the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), the highest policy-making and coordinating body on statistical matters in the country, is mandated to:  (1) review budgetary proposals of agencies involving statistical operations and submit an integrated budget for the Philippine Statistical System (PSS) to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) pursuant to Executive Order No. 121;  and  (2) review the proposed budgets for all activities in the System of Designated Statistics pursuant to Executive Order No. 352 and NSCB-NEDA-DBM Joint Circular No. 1, 1997;

WHEREAS, in the annual National Budget Memorandum issued by the DBM, budget proposals for the conduct of statistical activities under the System of Designated Statistics shall necessitate the endorsement of the NSCB;

WHEREAS, there is a need to define the budgetary thrusts to be adopted by all PSS member agencies at the national and local levels for planning and in preparing their annual budget proposals for statistical activities;

WHEREAS, the PSS is currently formulating the Philippine Statistical Development Program (PSDP) 2011-2017 which sets the directions, thrusts and priorities of the PSS for the medium term for the generation and dissemination of statistical information used in policy and decision-making;

WHEREAS, the formulation of the PSDP 2011-2017 takes into consideration:  (1) the development agenda of the Philippine Government as articulated in the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2011-2016; (2) other sectoral development plans; (3) statistical challenges and concerns in the PSS;  and  (4) commitments of the Philippines to international statistical community;

WHEREAS, the proposed PSDP 2011-2017 envisions a responsive, effective, and efficient PSS that provides quality statistics for evidence-based decisions towards the attainment of the development goals of the nation;

WHEREAS, the planning thrusts for PSDP 2011-2017 as approved by the PSDP Steering Committee in March 2011 and the updates in October 2011, shall serve as the annual budgetary thrusts of the PSS for the medium term;  

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the Board approve the Budgetary Thrusts of the PSS for the period 2013-2017 which are the planning thrusts of the PSDP 2011-2017 as basis for the preparation of the annual agency budget proposal for statistical activities, to wit:

1. Enhancement of the management and coordination of the PSS

  • Strengthening of legal frameworks and instruments for statistics generation and dissemination

  • Implementation of more effective statistical policies and consistent monitoring of programs

  • Facilitating organizational development and communication of statistical institutions

  • Development and implementation of data quality assessment framework and system to ensure progressive and sustained improvement of statistics

  • Advancing the professional and career development of statisticians

2. Improvement of data production in the PSS

  • Generation of quality statistics that address the priority information needs of government and other stakeholders, specifically to monitor the PDP 2011-2016

  • Development of new and improvement of existing statistical frameworks, standards and methodologies

  • Development of standards and systems for quality administrative-based data, and production of key statistics at the provincial, city, municipal and barangay levels

  • Improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of censuses and surveys for better quality statistics and reduced burden on respondents

  • Increasing technology utilization to facilitate data production

3. Enhancement of data dissemination and use in the PSS

  • Improvement of accessibility and timeliness and proactive dissemination and  communication  of statistics

  • Development of an integrated statistics portal for dissemination of all available data and metadata resources in the PSS

  • Institutionalization of data sharing, archiving, and warehousing using online and interactive technology

  • Strengthening of education and advocacy on the importance and rational use of statistics

4. Advancement of statistical research and capacity building

  • Formulation of a viable strategic research agenda and utilization or research and development outputs towards improved methodologies and relevant statistics

  • Strengthening institutional capacity for statistical research and development

  • Strengthening capacity of major statistical agencies and other data producers in government at the national and local levels to generate and disseminate better quality statistics

  • Build capacity of data users in the rational use of statistics

5. Strengthening of local statistics development

  • Adoption of an integrated data and methodological framework for the generation of local level statistics

  • Implementation of appropriate statistical policies and standards for the production and dissemination of local statistics

  • Strengthening the capacity of local government units to produce and use quality statistics in support of countryside development

  • Strengthening institutional partnerships between the national and local governments

  • Establishment of statistical mechanisms at least in every province and city for local coordination of statistics production and dissemination

6. Increasing investment in statistics and in the PSS

  • Increasing the statistical workforce in the major statistical agencies, other government data-producing agencies and local government units to enable the PSS to meet the growing demand for statistics in support of evidence-based governance

  • Cost-sharing between and among national government agencies and between national and local governments for the generation of statistics

  • Promotion of public-private partnership for data generation and dissemination and capacity building

  • Development and adoption of a resource mobilization strategy for statistics towards increased resources and rationalized expenditure planning and implementation

  • Increasing investment in information and communication technology towards improved statistical processes

  • Upgrading of physical resources of major statistical agencies to improve work conditions towards increased productivity, more efficient statistical operations, and better statistical services to stakeholders

7. Promotion of international cooperation in statistics

  • Enhancement of statistical cooperation with the international statistical community

  • Capacity building of major statistical agencies and other data producers at the national and local levels through participation in international meetings, conferences and workshops and provision of budget thereof

  • Organization of international conferences, training and workshops on key statistical topics in support of global statistical development and promotion of the PSS


1. The budgetary thrusts identified herein shall be:

    • the basis for the formulation of the medium term expenditure and human resource frameworks of the PSS;

    • revised, when necessary, to be consistent with the updating of the PSDP 2011-2017.

2. All PSS member agencies be enjoined to:

3. The NSCB Technical Staff:

    • coordinate with the DBM on the possibility of providing a separate line item for statistical activities;

    • consider these budgetary thrusts in their Rationalization Plan;

    • consider the relevant budgetary thrusts in their respective Organizational Performance Indicators Framework (OPIF), ensuring that statistical activities under the System of Designated Statistics (SDS) are prioritized; and

    • incorporate in their agency annual budget proposals during the period 2013-2017 the requirements to achieve the above thrusts, including those programs and activities in the PSDP 2011-2017, following the guidelines issued by the DBM and the NSCB, and to submit the budget proposals to the NSCB for endorsement to the DBM

    • evaluate the budget proposals and, in consultation with the agencies concerned, submit its recommendations to the NSCB Executive Board; and

    • upon approval of the Board, endorse the PSS budget to the DBM, copy furnished the agencies.

Approved this 16th day of December 2011, in Pasig City.


Attested by:


Secretary General

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