Adoption of a Policy to Meet the Growing Demands for Current Statistics

NSCB Resolution No. 6
Series of 1990


WHEREAS, Executive Order No. 121 created the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) as the highest policy-making and coordinating body on statistical matters;

WHEREAS, it is the function of the NSCB to promote and maintain an efficient statistical system in the government, to formulate policies on all matters relating to government statistical operations, to recommend executive and legislative measures to enhance the development of the system, among others;

WHEREAS, the National Statistics Office is the major statistical agency responsible for generating general purpose statistics and undertaking such censuses and surveys as may be designated by the NSCB;

WHEREAS, the NSCB may designate statistics that should be collected, compiled, processed and disseminated by agencies in accordance with the statistical calendar approved by the NSCB;

WHEREAS, from time to time, other government agencies, international agencies, and non-government organizations may require statistics not covered by regular surveys or by the statistical calendar;

WHEREAS, these agencies and organizations have funds available to support partly or wholly activities which will generate their statistical requirements;

WHEREAS, the Philippine Statistical System must be responsive to the statistical needs of the government and of international agencies with which the Philippine government has commitments;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that a more accommodating policy be adopted to meet the growing demands for current statistics covering a wide spectrum of areas of concern, by allowing statistical agencies of the government, specifically the National Statistics Office, to undertake surveys not normally covered in its statistical calendar, for and in behalf of other government and international agencies provided that:

  1. the activity must be covered by a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the statistical agency and the agency requiring the conduct of the survey and that the MOA be concurred by NSCB;

  2. the conduct of the survey does not jeopardize the regular activities and the corresponding budgets of the agency;

  3. the interest of the Government must be upperhand in all decisions to be made pertaining to the conduct and content of the survey and in the release of the data;

  4. the survey is intended to collect data in support of policy and program activities of the government as a whole and the international agency requesting the data; and

  5. the survey is covered under the review and clearance system of the NSCB.

Approved this 15th day of August 1990.