Approving and Adopting the Official Concepts and Definitions for Statistical Purposes for the Education Sector

NSCB Resolution No. 14
Series of 2006


WHEREAS, Executive Order No. 121 mandated the NSCB to prescribe standard concepts and definitions to ensure harmonization and comparability in the generation of official statistics in the country for national and sub-national development planning;

WHEREAS, the prescription of standard concepts and definitions for statistical purposes would allow for comparability of statistics across national and international boundaries;

WHEREAS, the various NSCB interagency/technical committees on statistics are working towards the formulation of official concepts and definitions for statistical purposes based on the following criteria:  (1) the term is basically statistical and those referring to statistical indicators;  (2) used in major surveys and administrative records based on Executive Order 352 and those that come out in the Philippine Statistical System publications; and  (3) based on official United Nations standard concepts and definitions but adapted to the Philippine situation, and existing legal documents;

WHEREAS, after a thorough review, the Inter-Agency Committee (IAC) on Education Statistics is recommending for approval of the Board the official concepts and definitions for the education sector;

WHEREAS, the term 'adult', due to varying cut-off years according to different users, needs to be defined for statistical purposes as suggested by the Board; wherefore, the terms “Adult Literacy Rate” and “Literacy Gender Parity Index”, both of which refer to “adult”, were deleted from the list of official concepts and definitions as presented pending resolution of the definition of “adult” by the Technical Committee on Population and Housing;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, that the Board approve the official concepts and definitions for statistical purposes for the education sector (Annex-BR-14-2006-01), for adoption by all concerned government agencies.

BE IT RESOLVED FURTHER that the IAC continue to work on the refinement of the formulas corresponding to the definitions of the following indicators for submission to the Board in its next meeting: coefficient of efficiency, cohort survival rate, completion rate, dropout rate, promotion rate and repetition rate.

Approved this 22nd day of May 2006, in Pasig City.


Attested by:


Secretary General