CBMS Council

In Section XIV of the Republic Act 11315 otherwise known as “Community-Based Monitoring System Act”, a CBMS Council is created. The composition and functions of the CBMS Council are detailed in the Rule XI of the CBMS Implementing Rules and Regulations. The National Statistician of the PSA will be the chairperson, while the Secretary of DILG and Secretary of DICT or their designated representatives will act as members. Other government entities may be invited through their representatives as resource persons.
Functions of the CBMS Council

The functions of the CBMS Council are as follows:

  • Oversee the performance of the implementing agencies;
  • Facilitate cooperation and data collection in the implementation of the CBMS;
  • Discuss concerns and provide recommendations on the outputs of the CBMS;
  • Institute policies for standards in data quality, estimation process, and data flows;
  • Set the guidelines on CBMS data sharing with the NGAs and other relevant stakeholders, and between and among LGUs; and ensure a secure and efficient data sharing arrangement;
  • Provide resolutions on issues and concerns related to CBMS;
  • Decide on the request for data sharing from relevant government agencies and other stakeholders;
  • Establish cost-sharing mechanisms among stakeholders;
  • Create Technical Working Groups that will assist the CBMS Council in resolving issues related to the implementation of the CBMS; and
  • Recommend to the Congress any measures, or amendments or modifications to the CBMS Act and other related laws, as may be necessary.