Telephone Requests / NSO Birth Certificate Delivery (NSO Helpline Plus)

Fees: P330.00 (Birth, Marriage, Death) / P430.00 (Certificate of No Marriage Record)

Forms: Requester calls NSO Helpline Plus, gives vital information. The Officer provides Reference Number

Processing Time: 3 to 7 days, including delivery (Birth, Marriage, Death) / 10 to 14 days including delivery (Certificate of No Marriage Record)

Person In Charge: Helpline Plus Agents; Payment through Bancnet ATM; Metrobank; Bayad Center

What are the Requirements:

  1. Access to the telephone. Dial 737-1111
  2. Provide vital information about the requested documents to the service officer who attends the call
  3. Follow instructions for the payment and other details
  4. Access to the internet for previous subscribers/customers, logon to for online applications
  5. For Birth Certificate Application Only: Valid ID is required for both owner and requester of documents. Only the following are authorized to receive birth certificate:
    1. the owner of the document;
    2. spouse;
    3. direct descendant/ascendants and;
    4. guardian. if the document owner is a  minor, only his/her parent or guardian can authorize the receipt of delivery of the birth certificate. The receiving party must present a valid ID. If the receiving party is the guardian of the document owner, a valid ID and proof/declaration of guardianship must be presented.

How to avail of the service:

Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity Person In-Charge Fees Form
1 Dial 737-1111 Attends to calls and provides detail about the service; Provides reference for the transaction for payment   NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Agents/ Service Officer    
2 Provides information about the document requested and other contact details          
3 Prints/Note Reference Details of the transaction; Pays to the bank/designated payment centers/fills up bank payment slip and indicate requester's name, reference details; keeps bank's validated transaction slip Accepts payment 15 minutes Designated bank or payment centers

P330.00 (Birth, Marriage, Death)

P430.00 (Certificate of No Marriage)

4 Waits for delivery of the requested documents; presents valid ID (owner or requester of document) Processes requests and forwards requested documents to forwarder/courier for delivery

2-3 days (Birth, Marriage, Death)

10-14 days (Certificate of No Marriage)

Service agents; Courier's service staff    
End of transaction