Walk-in Applications Serbilis Outlets

Fees: P140.00 (Birth, Marriage, Death) / P195.00 (Certificate of No Marriage Record)

Forms: Color-coded Application Form (White - Birth, Pink - Marriage, Yellow - Death, Green - Certificate of No Marriage Record)

Processing Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour (birth, marriage, death); CDLI - 10 working days; CENOMAR - 4 to 7 working days, including delivery

Person In Charge: Serbilis Outlets - Information Marshais / Screeners / Request Service Officers / Collecting Officers / Care Officers /Outlet Supervisors / Outlet Managers (Metro Manila and Field Outlets)

What are the Requirements:

1. Accomplished Application Form 

2. For Birth Certificate Application Only:

  • Valid ID is required for both the owner and requester of document.
  • Authorization letter and ID of the document owner together with the ID of the requester are required if the requester is not of the following: a) document owner; b) parent; c) spouse; d) direct descendant; e) legal guardian/ institution in-charge, if minor. 

How to avail of the service:

Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity Person In-Charge Fees Form
1 Gets AF and Queue Number from the Information Marshall and fill-up the required information Distributes the AF and provides the client with the queue number 1 minute Information Marshall   AF
2 Proceeds to the Screeners' Desk Screens the AF to check if information is complete, consistent and readable. Stamps AF with "Okay for Payment" 2 minutes Screener   AF/Q#
3 Pays to the Cashier/Collecting Officer

Issues OR and stamps OR for the date and time of release

3 minutes Cashier/ Collecting Officer

P140.00 (Birth, Marriage, Death)

P195.00 (Certificate of No Marriage Record)

  Forwards request for processing (Encoding, Printing, Sorting, Releasing documents to the Releasing Clerk (by batch) Converted request within 2 hours for documents applied up to 3:00 pm Request Service Officer    
Unconverted request 10 working days
Annotated request 15 working days
Authentication request within 1 hour
CENOMAR 4 working days
4 Proceeds to the Releasing Area Releases requested documents to the clients 3 minutes Releasing Clerk    
5 For Problem Documents: Proceed  to the Public Assistance Window/Customer Service if there are queries about the requested document , complaints, suggestions and request for assistance

Attends to queries, reports, requests and problems encountered by the clients

variable (approximately 5 to 10 minutes) Care Officer/ Outlet Supervisor /Outlet Manager    
End of Transaction