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Annotation on the annulment/declaration of nullity of marriage

  1. A request for copy issuance of annotated Certificate of Marriage (COM) in Security Paper (SECPA) affecting annulment or declaration of nullity through court.


    How to request for annotated COM at PSA  

    a. Proceed to the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) where the COM was registered. Verify from LCRO if the supporting documents for processing the annotated COM were already forwarded to PSA.

    If not, request for certified true copies of the following supporting documents to be used in the processing of the annotated COM:

    ·       Court Decree of Annulment/ Declaration of Nullity of Marriage

    ·       Certificate of Finality

    ·       Certificate of Registration

    ·       Certificate of Authenticity

    ·       Un-annotated Marriage Certificate

    ·       Annotated marriage certificate

    b. The above requirements shall be submitted to PSA for the processing of the request through endorsement by the concerned LCRO or

    c. Proceed to PSA-CRS Building, Central Outlet-East Avenue, Quezon City for the filing of the application for the annotation on the subject COM.