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The PCPC was patterned after the UN classification, with some modifications to suit national situation and requirements. The purpose of PCPC is to serve as an instrument for assembling and tabulating allkinds of statistics that needed product detail. Such statistics cover production, intermediate and final consumption, capital formation and foreign trade and may refer to commodity flows, stocks or balances and may be compiled in the context of input-output tables, balance-of-payments and other analytical presentations.

Each item of the PCPC consists of goods or services that are predominantly produced in one class of PSIC. This predominant PSIC class is shown in the column next to each UN-CPC subclass. By using thiskind of correlation table in the reverse way, i.e., from PSIC to PCPC, one can usually find which products are the characteristic output of a certain industry.

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Note: Information are derived from the 2002 PCPC.

PCPC Information are as of 30 March 2010.