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There are 42,046 barangays as of 30 June 2021.

Barangay 30133901030Urban166
Barangay 31133901031Urban2,881
Barangay 32133901032Urban2,219
Barangay 33133901033Urban4,082
Barangay 34133901034Urban1,854
Barangay 35133901035Urban2,265
Barangay 36133901036Urban2,231
Barangay 37133901037Urban2,057
Barangay 38133901038Urban2,870
Barangay 39133901039Urban2,324
Barangay 41133901041Urban3,825
Barangay 42133901042Urban2,142
Barangay 43133901043Urban3,362
Barangay 44133901044Urban800
Barangay 45133901045Urban2,264
Barangay 46133901046Urban2,088
Barangay 47133901047Urban1,123
Barangay 48133901048Urban4,070
Barangay 49133901049Urban2,119
Barangay 50133901050Urban4,217
Barangay 51133901051Urban2,580
Barangay 52133901052Urban2,732
Barangay 53133901053Urban2,916
Barangay 54133901054Urban1,648
Barangay 55133901055Urban2,492

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