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There are 42,046 barangays as of 30 June 2021.

Barangay 81133901081Urban1,815
Barangay 82133901082Urban2,642
Barangay 83133901083Urban1,473
Barangay 84133901084Urban1,141
Barangay 85133901085Urban4,032
Barangay 86133901086Urban1,415
Barangay 87133901087Urban1,633
Barangay 88133901088Urban1,096
Barangay 89133901089Urban720
Barangay 90133901090Urban630
Barangay 91133901091Urban4,552
Barangay 92133901092Urban2,639
Barangay 93133901093Urban3,960
Barangay 94133901094Urban2,178
Barangay 95133901095Urban5,543
Barangay 96133901096Urban2,100
Barangay 97133901097Urban3,634
Barangay 98133901098Urban1,899
Barangay 99133901099Urban6,310
Barangay 100133901100Urban2,222
Barangay 101133901101Urban15,358
Barangay 102133901102Urban4,157
Barangay 103133901103Urban4,772
Barangay 104133901104Urban5,741
Barangay 105133901105Urban24,971

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