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There are 42,046 barangays as of 30 June 2021.

Barangay 106133901106Urban2,513
Barangay 107133901107Urban7,003
Barangay 108133901108Urban5,391
Barangay 109133901109Urban3,254
Barangay 110133901110Urban2,677
Barangay 111133901111Urban2,661
Barangay 112133901112Urban5,593
Barangay 116133901116Urban5,943
Barangay 117133901117Urban4,160
Barangay 118133901118Urban10,840
Barangay 119133901119Urban2,345
Barangay 120133901120Urban3,873
Barangay 121133901121Urban4,511
Barangay 122133901122Urban3,824
Barangay 123133901123Urban8,660
Barangay 124133901124Urban159
Barangay 125133901125Urban4,510
Barangay 126133901126Urban1,162
Barangay 127133901127Urban565
Barangay 128133901128Urban23,702
Barangay 129133901129Urban5,716
Barangay 130133901130Urban1,758
Barangay 131133901131Urban1,621
Barangay 132133901132Urban925
Barangay 133133901133Urban2,115

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