Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

Municipality of SAN NICOLAS - Code:012820000

Income ClassPopulation
(2015 Census)
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Barangays in the municipality of SAN NICOLAS

There are 24 barangays as of 31 December 2020.

(2015 Census)
San Francisco (Pob.)012820001Urban1,599
San Ildefonso (Pob.)012820002Rural1,470
San Agustin012820003Rural2,249
San Baltazar (Pob.)012820004Rural752
San Bartolome (Pob.)012820005Rural872
San Cayetano (Pob.)012820006Rural776
San Eugenio (Pob.)012820007Rural1,075
San Fernando (Pob.)012820008Rural1,086
San Gregorio (Pob.)012820009Rural1,718
San Guillermo012820010Urban1,777
San Jose (Pob.)012820011Rural1,130
San Juan Bautista (Pob.)012820012Rural3,041
San Lorenzo012820013Rural2,277
San Lucas (Pob.)012820014Rural1,384
San Marcos (Payas)012820015Rural2,675
San Miguel (Pob.)012820016Rural1,606
San Pablo012820017Rural1,709
San Paulo (Pob.)012820018Rural959
San Pedro (Bingao)012820019Rural1,815
San Rufino (Pob.)012820020Rural1,145
San Silvestre (Pob.)012820021Rural835
Santa Asuncion (Samac)012820022Rural881
Santa Cecilia (Barabar)012820023Rural1,904
Santa Monica (Nagrebcan)012820024Rural2,001

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