Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

City of Bacoor - Code:042103000

Income ClassPopulation
(2020 Census)
1st (as Mun)664,625
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Barangays in the City of Bacoor

There are 73 barangays as of 30 June 2021.

(2020 Census)
P.F. Espiritu II042103053Urban1,741
P.F. Espiritu III042103054Rural5,247
P.F. Espiritu IV042103055Urban11,694
P.F. Espiritu V042103056Urban5,640
P.F. Espiritu VI042103057Urban2,767
P.F. Espiritu VII042103058Urban3,682
P.F. Espiritu VIII042103059Urban7,876
Real II042103060Rural4,699
Salinas II042103061Urban5,777
Salinas III042103062Rural1,813
Salinas IV042103063Rural1,335
San Nicolas II042103064Urban12,038
San Nicolas III042103065Urban37,462
Talaba II042103066Urban14,623
Talaba III042103067Rural2,202
Talaba IV042103068Urban3,096
Talaba V042103069Rural1,776
Talaba VI042103070Rural2,592
Talaba VII042103071Urban2,309
Zapote II042103072Rural5,137
Zapote III042103073Rural2,277
Zapote IV042103074Urban2,054
Zapote V042103075Urban19,117

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