2018 Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

City of Cavite - Code:042105000

Income ClassPopulation
(2015 Census)
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Barangays in the CITY OF CAVITE

There are 84 barangays as of 30 September 2019.

(2015 Census)
Barangay 55 (Ampalaya)042105051Rural948
Barangay 56 (Labanos)042105052Urban1,300
Barangay 57 (Repolyo)042105053Urban1,150
Barangay 58 (Patola)042105054Rural1,592
Barangay 59 (Sitaw)042105055Rural794
Barangay 6 (Diego Silang)042105056Rural2,113
Barangay 60 (Letsugas)042105057Rural1,442
Barangay 61 (Talong)042105058Rural691
Barangay 62 (Kangkong)042105059Rural1,652
Barangay 7 (Kapitan Kong)042105060Rural1,613
Barangay 8 (Manuel S. Rojas)042105061Rural4,791
Barangay 9 (Kanaway)042105062Rural427
Barangay 10-A (Kingfisher-A)042105063Rural1,721
Barangay 10-B (Kingfisher-B)042105064Rural2,412
Barangay 22-A (Leo A)042105065Rural1,437
Barangay 29-A (Lao-lao A)042105066Rural660
Barangay 36-A (Sap-sap A)042105067Rural922
Barangay 37-A (Cadena de Amor A)042105068Rural701
Barangay 38-A (Sampaguita A)042105069Rural659
Barangay 42-A (Pinagbuklod A)042105070Rural1,324
Barangay 42-B (Pinagbuklod B)042105071Rural997
Barangay 42-C (Pinagbuklod C)042105072Rural2,087
Barangay 45-A (Kaunlaran A)042105073Rural1,129
Barangay 47-A (Pagkakaisa A)042105074Rural840
Barangay 47-B (Pagkakaisa B)042105075Rural1,244

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