Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

Municipality of LUISIANA - Code:043412000

Income ClassPopulation
(2015 Census)
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Barangays in the municipality of LUISIANA

There are 23 barangays as of 30 June 2020.

(2015 Census)
De La Paz043412001Rural538
Barangay Zone I (Pob.)043412002Rural476
Barangay Zone II (Pob.)043412003Rural267
Barangay Zone III (Pob.)043412004Rural525
Barangay Zone IV (Pob.)043412005Rural502
Barangay Zone V (Pob.)043412006Rural893
Barangay Zone VI (Pob.)043412007Rural538
Barangay Zone VII (Pob.)043412008Rural469
Barangay Zone VIII (Pob.)043412009Rural341
San Antonio043412010Rural3,093
San Buenaventura043412011Rural1,819
San Diego043412012Rural2,669
San Isidro043412013Rural2,423
San Jose043412014Rural830
San Juan043412015Rural383
San Luis043412016Rural290
San Pablo043412017Rural231
San Pedro043412018Rural218
San Rafael043412019Rural168
San Roque043412020Rural327
San Salvador043412021Rural418
Santo Domingo043412022Rural503
Santo Tomas043412023Rural1,799

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