Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

City of Tacloban (Capital) - Code:083747000

Income ClassPopulation
(2015 Census)
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Barangays in the CITY OF TACLOBAN (Capital)

There are 138 barangays as of 31 March 2020.

(2015 Census)
Barangay 41083747065Rural201
Barangay 42083747066Rural848
Barangay 43083747067Rural356
Barangay 43-A083747068Rural1,019
Barangay 43-B083747069Rural1,102
Barangay 44083747070Rural432
Barangay 44-A083747071Urban189
Barangay 45083747072Rural351
Barangay 46083747073Rural464
Barangay 47083747074Urban653
Barangay 48083747075Rural424
Barangay 49083747076Urban1,927
Barangay 50083747077Rural257
Barangay 50-A083747078Rural675
Barangay 50-B083747079Urban829
Barangay 51083747080Rural534
Barangay 52083747081Rural1,171
Barangay 53083747082Rural567
Barangay 54083747083Urban645
El Reposo (Barangays 55 & 55A)083747084Rural746
Barangay 56083747085Rural1,222
Barangay 57083747086Urban1,110
Barangay 58083747087Rural886
Barangay 59083747088Rural3,398
Barangay 60083747089Rural1,207

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