Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

City of Davao - Code:112402000

Income ClassPopulation
(2020 Census)
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Barangays in the City of Davao

There are 182 barangays as of 30 June 2021.

(2020 Census)
Barangay 9-A (Pob.)112402142Urban6,807
Barangay 10-A (Pob.)112402143Urban7,867
Barangay 11-B (Pob.)112402144Urban2,152
Barangay 12-B (Pob.)112402145Urban1,154
Barangay 13-B (Pob.)112402146Urban366
Barangay 14-B (Pob.)112402147Urban1,854
Barangay 15-B (Pob.)112402148Urban2,603
Barangay 16-B (Pob.)112402149Urban441
Barangay 17-B (Pob.)112402150Urban906
Barangay 18-B (Pob.)112402151Urban1,231
Barangay 19-B (Pob.)112402152Urban30,752
Barangay 20-B (Pob.)112402153Urban4,929
Barangay 21-C (Pob.)112402154Urban7,273
Barangay 22-C (Pob.)112402155Urban7,643
Barangay 23-C (Pob.)112402156Urban17,030
Barangay 24-C (Pob.)112402157Urban2,034
Barangay 25-C (Pob.)112402158Urban1,922
Barangay 26-C (Pob.)112402159Urban1,681
Barangay 27-C (Pob.)112402160Urban2,110
Barangay 28-C (Pob.)112402161Urban3,133
Barangay 29-C (Pob.)112402162Urban703
Barangay 30-C (Pob.)112402163Urban1,057
Barangay 31-D (Pob.)112402164Urban8,481
Barangay 32-D (Pob.)112402165Urban1,644
Barangay 33-D (Pob.)112402166Urban1,827

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