Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

City district of NCR, CITY OF MANILA, FIRST DISTRICT (Not a Province) - Code:133900000

Income ClassPopulation
(2015 Census)
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Barangays in the city district of NCR, CITY OF MANILA, FIRST DISTRICT (Not a Province)

There are 897 barangays as of 31 March 2021.

(2015 Census)
Barangay 234133901235Urban1,650
Barangay 235133901236Urban1,721
Barangay 236133901237Urban620
Barangay 237133901238Urban605
Barangay 238133901239Urban464
Barangay 239133901240Urban1,744
Barangay 240133901241Urban103
Barangay 241133901242Urban634
Barangay 242133901243Urban712
Barangay 243133901244Urban338
Barangay 244133901245Urban1,029
Barangay 245133901246Urban350
Barangay 246133901247Urban1,260
Barangay 247133901248Urban542
Barangay 248133901249Urban485
Barangay 249133901250Urban784
Barangay 250133901251Urban1,284
Barangay 251133901252Urban723
Barangay 252133901253Urban253
Barangay 253133901254Urban1,491
Barangay 254133901255Urban2,853
Barangay 255133901256Urban2,000
Barangay 256133901257Urban2,086
Barangay 257133901258Urban796
Barangay 258133901259Urban908

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