Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

City district of NCR, City of Manila, First District (Not a Province) - Code:133900000

Income ClassPopulation
(2020 Census)
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Barangays in the city district of NCR, City of Manila, First District (Not a Province)

There are 897 barangays as of 30 June 2021.

(2020 Census)
Barangay 209133901210Urban5,075
Barangay 210133901211Urban3,212
Barangay 211133901212Urban2,007
Barangay 212133901213Urban2,675
Barangay 213133901214Urban3,231
Barangay 214133901215Urban1,577
Barangay 215133901216Urban3,106
Barangay 216133901217Urban2,431
Barangay 217133901218Urban1,263
Barangay 218133901219Urban321
Barangay 219133901220Urban1,080
Barangay 220133901221Urban1,270
Barangay 221133901222Urban3,353
Barangay 222133901223Urban2,040
Barangay 223133901224Urban1,629
Barangay 224133901225Urban1,069
Barangay 225133901226Urban2,419
Barangay 226133901227Urban1,562
Barangay 227133901228Urban1,836
Barangay 228133901229Urban3,010
Barangay 229133901230Urban1,545
Barangay 230133901231Urban2,364
Barangay 231133901232Urban1,888
Barangay 232133901233Urban1,778
Barangay 233133901234Urban735

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Philippine Standard Geographic Codes as of 30 June 2021
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