Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

SANTA CRUZ - Code:133905000

(2015 Census)
82 Barangays132,193
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Barangays in SANTA CRUZ

There are 82 barangays as of 31 December 2020.

(2015 Census)
Barangay 297133905001Urban1,076
Barangay 298133905002Urban698
Barangay 299133905003Urban1,684
Barangay 300133905004Urban615
Barangay 301133905005Urban271
Barangay 302133905006Urban682
Barangay 303133905007Urban393
Barangay 304133905008Urban250
Barangay 305133905009Urban533
Barangay 310133905012Urban20,483
Barangay 311133905013Urban1,891
Barangay 312133905014Urban2,887
Barangay 313133905015Urban1,534
Barangay 314133905016Urban2,189
Barangay 315133905017Urban1,716
Barangay 316133905018Urban1,217
Barangay 317133905019Urban1,619
Barangay 318133905020Urban1,057
Barangay 319133905021Urban1,036
Barangay 320133905022Urban1,126
Barangay 321133905023Urban499
Barangay 322133905024Urban767
Barangay 323133905025Urban1,270
Barangay 324133905026Urban868
Barangay 325133905027Urban863

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