Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

SAN MIGUEL - Code:133907000

(2015 Census)
12 Barangays17,464
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Barangays in SAN MIGUEL

There are 12 barangays as of 31 March 2021.

(2015 Census)
Barangay 637133907001Urban1,395
Barangay 638133907002Urban649
Barangay 639133907003Urban479
Barangay 640133907004Urban2,242
Barangay 641133907005Urban705
Barangay 642133907006Urban1,214
Barangay 643133907007Urban665
Barangay 644133907008Urban734
Barangay 645133907009Urban1,988
Barangay 646133907010Urban867
Barangay 647133907011Urban1,153
Barangay 648133907012Urban5,373

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