Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

MALATE - Code:133910000

(2015 Census)
57 Barangays86,196
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Barangays in MALATE

There are 57 barangays as of 31 December 2020.

(2015 Census)
Barangay 689133910004Urban733
Barangay 690133910005Urban887
Barangay 691133910006Urban416
Barangay 692133910007Urban942
Barangay 693133910008Urban606
Barangay 694133910009Urban990
Barangay 695133910010Urban756
Barangay 696133910011Urban1,104
Barangay 697133910012Urban679
Barangay 698133910013Urban1,400
Barangay 699133910014Urban1,064
Barangay 700133910015Urban162
Barangay 701133910016Urban1,608
Barangay 702133910017Urban3,445
Barangay 703133910018Urban407
Barangay 704133910019Urban5,848
Barangay 705133910020Urban2,450
Barangay 706133910021Urban477
Barangay 707133910022Urban964
Barangay 708133910023Urban725
Barangay 709133910024Urban741
Barangay 710133910025Urban663
Barangay 711133910026Urban1,254
Barangay 712133910027Urban1,634
Barangay 713133910028Urban1,442

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