Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

PACO - Code:133911000

(2015 Census)
43 Barangays82,466
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Barangays in PACO

There are 43 barangays as of 31 March 2021.

(2015 Census)
Barangay 662133911001Urban2,891
Barangay 664-A133911004Urban540
Barangay 671133911005Urban1,169
Barangay 672133911006Urban3,237
Barangay 673133911007Urban2,605
Barangay 674133911008Urban1,616
Barangay 675133911009Urban2,532
Barangay 676133911010Urban1,570
Barangay 677133911011Urban2,757
Barangay 678133911012Urban456
Barangay 679133911013Urban949
Barangay 680133911014Urban1,123
Barangay 681133911015Urban1,499
Barangay 682133911016Urban1,204
Barangay 683133911017Urban918
Barangay 684133911018Urban2,747
Barangay 685133911019Urban1,098
Barangay 809133911023Urban1,312
Barangay 810133911024Urban1,791
Barangay 811133911025Urban1,991
Barangay 812133911026Urban1,829
Barangay 813133911027Urban1,120
Barangay 814133911028Urban2,131
Barangay 815133911029Urban1,166
Barangay 816133911030Urban1,039

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