Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

Santa Ana - Code:133914000

(2020 Census)
99 Barangays203,598
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Barangays in Santa Ana

There are 99 barangays as of 30 June 2021.

(2020 Census)
Barangay 745133914002Urban2,015
Barangay 746133914003Urban1,663
Barangay 747133914004Urban369
Barangay 748133914005Urban812
Barangay 749133914006Urban616
Barangay 750133914007Urban1,107
Barangay 751133914008Urban1,541
Barangay 752133914009Urban763
Barangay 753133914010Urban2,380
Barangay 755133914011Urban1,372
Barangay 756133914012Urban721
Barangay 757133914013Urban477
Barangay 758133914014Urban399
Barangay 759133914015Urban787
Barangay 760133914016Urban1,041
Barangay 761133914017Urban1,062
Barangay 762133914018Urban365
Barangay 763133914019Urban1,779
Barangay 764133914020Urban2,022
Barangay 765133914021Urban2,075
Barangay 766133914022Urban3,101
Barangay 767133914023Urban5,429
Barangay 768133914024Urban1,147
Barangay 769133914025Urban1,997
Barangay 770133914026Urban9,651

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