Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

City of Caloocan - Code:137501000

Income ClassPopulation
(2015 Census)
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Barangays in the CITY OF CALOOCAN

There are 188 barangays as of 30 June 2020.

(2015 Census)
Barangay 26137501026Urban3,694
Barangay 27137501027Urban3,822
Barangay 28137501028Urban30,968
Barangay 29137501029Urban1,491
Barangay 30137501030Urban3,652
Barangay 31137501031Urban4,997
Barangay 32137501032Urban2,548
Barangay 33137501033Urban5,668
Barangay 34137501034Urban6,313
Barangay 35137501035Urban21,778
Barangay 36137501036Urban5,266
Barangay 37137501037Urban2,964
Barangay 38137501038Urban4,300
Barangay 39137501039Urban928
Barangay 40137501040Urban1,349
Barangay 41137501041Urban1,169
Barangay 42137501042Urban760
Barangay 43137501043Urban3,827
Barangay 44137501044Urban700
Barangay 45137501045Urban651
Barangay 46137501046Urban1,426
Barangay 47137501047Urban395
Barangay 48137501048Urban652
Barangay 49137501049Urban6,080
Barangay 50137501050Urban1,333

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