Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

Region I (Ilocos Region) - Code: 010000000

No. of Provinces4No. of Cities9No. of Municipalities116No. of Barangays3,267
(2020 Census)
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Region I (Ilocos Region) - Provinces

There are 4 provinces as of 30 June 2021.

ProvinceCodeInfoIncome ClassPopulation
(2020 Census)
Ilocos Norte01280000021 Mun., 2 Cities and 559 Bgys1st609,588
Ilocos Sur01290000032 Mun., 2 Cities and 768 Bgys1st706,009
La Union01330000019 Mun., 1 City and 576 Bgys1st822,352
Pangasinan01550000044 Mun., 4 Cities and 1364 Bgys1st3,163,190

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Philippine Standard Geographic Codes as of 30 June 2021
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