Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC)

Region VIII (Eastern Visayas)

10 Digit Code: 0800000000
Correspondence Code: 080000000
No. of Provinces6No. of Cities7No. of Municipalities136No. of Barangays4,365
(2020 Census)
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Region VIII (Eastern Visayas) - Provinces

There are 6 provinces as of 31 December 2022.

Province10 Digit CodeCorrespondence CodeInfoIncome ClassPopulation
(2020 Census)
Eastern Samar080260000008260000022 Mun., 1 City and 597 Bgys2nd477,168
Leyte080370000008370000040 Mun., 2 Cities and 1478 Bgys1st1,776,847
(excluding CITY OF TACLOBAN)
Northern Samar080480000008480000024 Mun. and 569 Bgys2nd639,186
Samar080600000008600000024 Mun., 2 Cities and 951 Bgys1st793,183
Southern Leyte080640000008640000018 Mun., 1 City and 500 Bgys3rd429,573
Biliran08078000000878000008 Mun. and 132 Bgys4th179,312

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