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Location10 Digit CodeCorrespondence CodeSub-division Type
Angeles Zone III0405647005045647005Bgy
Angeles Zone IV0405647006045647006Bgy
Angustias Zone I (Pob.)0405647007045647007Bgy
Angustias Zone II0405647008045647008Bgy
Angustias Zone III0405647009045647009Bgy
Angustias Zone IV0405647010045647010Bgy
San Diego Zone I (Pob.)0405647049045647049Bgy
San Diego Zone II0405647050045647050Bgy
San Diego Zone III0405647051045647051Bgy
San Diego Zone IV0405647052045647052Bgy
San Isidro Zone I (Pob.)0405647053045647053Bgy
San Isidro Zone II0405647054045647054Bgy
San Isidro Zone III0405647055045647055Bgy
San Isidro Zone IV0405647056045647056Bgy
San Roque Zone I (Pob.)0405647057045647057Bgy
San Roque Zone II0405647058045647058Bgy
Zone I (Pob.)0500507004050507004Bgy
Zone II (Pob.)0500507005050507005Bgy
Zone III (Pob.)0500507006050507006Bgy
Zone IV (Pob.)0500507007050507007Bgy
Zone V (Pob.)0500507008050507008Bgy
Zone VI (Pob.)0500507009050507009Bgy
Zone VII (Pob.)0500507010050507010Bgy
Zone I Fatima (Pob.)0501712018051712018Bgy
Zone II San Antonio (Pob.)0501712019051712019Bgy

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