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LocationCodeSub-division Type
Kaumpurnah Zone I099701018Bgy
Kaumpurnah Zone II099701019Bgy
Kaumpurnah Zone III099701020Bgy
Zone 1 (Pob.)112403028Bgy
Zone 2 (Pob.)112403029Bgy
Zone 3 (Pob.)112403030Bgy
Zone I (Pob.)112412011Bgy
Zone II (Pob.)112412019Bgy
Zone III (Pob.)112412020Bgy
Zone IV (Pob.)112412021Bgy
Zone I (Pob.)126306016Bgy
Zone II (Pob.)126306017Bgy
Zone III (Pob.)126306018Bgy
Zone IV (Pob.)126306019Bgy
Zone 2 Pob.140101025Bgy
Zone 3 Pob.140101026Bgy
Zone 4 Pob.140101027Bgy
Zone 5 Pob.140101028Bgy
Zone 6 Pob. 140101029Bgy
Zone 7 Pob.140101030Bgy
Zone 1 Pob.140101031Bgy
Port Holland Zone I Pob.150704009Bgy
Port Holland Zone II Pob.150704010Bgy
Port Holland Zone III Pob.150704011Bgy
Port Holland Zone IV150704012Bgy

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