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Third Quarter 2023 PSGC Updates: Conversion to a New City, Merging of 44 Barangays, Renaming of Five Barangays, Transferring of 10 Barangays, and Correction of the Names of 12 Barangays

Release Date:
Reference Number: 2023-329

In accordance with the Supreme Court decision in General Register (G.R.) No. 235316 (Municipality of Makati [now City of Makati] v. Municipality of Taguig [now City of Taguig]) issued on 01 December 2021, regarding the land dispute between the city governments of Taguig and Makati over the Fort Bonifacio Military Reservation, the 10 barangays listed below are now transferred from City of Makati to City of Taguig.  The change was adopted in the 3rd Quarter 2023 Philippine Standard Geographic Code (PSGC) being maintained by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). The 10 barangays that were previously part of the City of Makati now adopt the geographic code for City of Taguig.

No.Barangay Name
3.East Rembo
6.Post Proper Northside
7.Post Proper Southside
9.South Cembo
10.West Rembo

Further, the conversion of the municipality of Carmona in the province of Cavite into City of Carmona by virtue of Republic Act No. 11938 was ratified through a plebiscite conducted on 08 July 2023. Despite this change, the geographic code of the City of Carmona remains the same.

Moreover, the merging of 44 barangays into 18 barangays, and renaming of five barangays in the City of Bacoor in the province of Cavite, pursuant to City Ordinance No. 275-2023 dated 28 March 2023, were ratified through plebiscites conducted simultaneously on 29 July 2023. Additionally, the names of 12 barangays in the PSGC masterlist were corrected based on the recommendation of the interagency Technical Working Group on Geographic Code (TWGGC). The details of the updates are as follows:

A. Renaming of Barangays in the City of Bacoor, Cavite

Barangay NameOld name
1. Barangay Ligas 2Ligas III
2. Barangay P.F. Espiritu 3P.F. Espiritu IV
3. Barangay P.F. Espiritu 5P.F. Espiritu VII
4. Barangay P.F. Espiritu 6P.F. Espiritu VIII
5. Barangay Zapote 3Zapote V

B. Merging of Barangays in the City of Bacoor, Cavite

Barangay NameMother Units
1. Barangay Aniban 1


Aniban I, III, and V

2. Barangay Aniban 2Barangays Aniban II, and IV
3. Barangay Kaingin DigmanBarangays Kaingin, and Digman
4. Barangay Ligas 1


Ligas I, and II

5. Barangay Mabolo


Mabolo I, II, and III

6. Barangay Maliksi 2


Maliksi II, and III

7. Barangay Mambog 2


Mambog II, and V

8. Barangay Niog


 Niog I, II, and III

9. Barangay P.F. Espiritu 2


P.F. Espiritu II, and III

10. Barangay P.F. Espiritu 4


P.F. Espiritu V, and VI

11. Barangay PoblacionBarangays Tabing Dagat, Campo Santo, and Daang Bukid
12. Barangay Real


Real I, and II

13. Barangay Salinas 2


Salinas II, III, and IV

14. Barangay SinbanaliBarangays Sineguelasan, Banalo, and Alima
15. Barangay Talaba 1


Talaba I, III, and VII

16. Barangay Talaba 3


Talaba IV, V, and VI

17. Barangay Zapote 1


 Zapote I, and II

18. Barangay Zapote 2


 Zapote III, and IV

C. Correction of Spelling of Barangay Names

Correct nameOld nameLegal Basis
1. Barangay Sta. Cruz, Municipality of Lezo, AklanSanta CruzCertification signed by Municipal Mayor dated 17 May 2023
2. Barangay Sta. Cruz Biga-a, Municipality of Lezo, AklanSanta Cruz BigaaCertification signed by Municipal Mayor dated 17 May 2023
3. Barangay Silakat Nonok, Municipality of Lezo, AklanSilakat-NonokCertification signed by Municipal Mayor dated 17 May 2023
4. Barangay Laguinbanwa, Municipality of Ibajay, AklanLaguinbanuaCertification signed by Municipal Mayor dated 11 May 2023
5. Barangay Sta. Cruz, Municipality of Ibajay, AklanSanta CruzCertification signed by Municipal Mayor dated 11 May 2023
6. Barangay Dalagsaan, Municipality of Libacao, AklanDalagsa-anCertification signed by Municipal Mayor dated 01 June 2023
7. Barangay Can-awan, Municipality of Libacao, AklanCan-AwanCertification signed by Municipal Mayor dated 01 June 2023
8. Barangay Cubcubbuot, Municipality of City of Candon, Ilocos SurCubcubbootCertification signed by City Mayor dated 25 August 2023
9. Barangay Uauang Tuliao, Municipality of Santo Tomas, IsabelaUauang-TuliaoCertification signed by Municipal Mayor dated 14 June 2023
10. Barangay Uauang Galicia, Municipality of Santo Tomas, IsabelaUauang-GaliciaCertification signed by Municipal Mayor dated 14 June 2023
11. Barangay Sta. Filomena, Municipality of San Mariano, IsabelaSanta FilominaCertification signed by Municipal Mayor dated 19 June 2023
12. Barangay Pooc, Municipality of City of Santa Rosa, LagunaPookCertification signed by City Mayor dated 20 March 2023

Notwithstanding these updates, the barangay codes remain the same except those for the new 18 barangays in the City of Bacoor that resulted from the merging, which assume the next available barangay codes in the city.

With all the above updates in the PSGC as of the third quarter of 2023, the latest number of local government units is shown in the table below:


Geographic-levelTotal Number 
(as of 30 September 2023)

The updated online PSGC database and masterlist can be accessed at

The compilation and updating of the PSGC is a collaborative effort of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and its interagency TWGGC composed of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Commission on Elections (COMELEC), National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA), and the Land Management Bureau (LMB).

For further inquiries, you may contact the Statistical Classifications Division of the Standards Service with telefax number (02) 8376-1867 and email address


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