2012 Philippine Standard Occupational Classification (PSOC)

PSOC Sub-Major Groups under Major Group 3


Science and Engineering Associate Professionals

Science and engineering associate professionals perform technical tasks connected with research and and operational methods in science and engineering. They supervise and control technical and operational aspects of mining, manufacturing, construction and other engineering operations, and operate technical equipment including aircraft and ships.

Tasks performed by workers in this sub-major group usually include: setting up, monitoring and operating instruments and equipment, conducting and monitoring experiments and tests of systems; collecting and testing samples; recording observations and analyzing data; preparing, revising and interpreting technical drawings and diagrams; coordinating, supervising, controlling and scheduling the activities of other workers; operating and monitoring switchboards, computerized control systems, and multi-function process control machinery; perform technical functions to ensure safe and efficient movement and operations ships aircraft and other equipment.


Health Associate Professionals

Health associate professionals perform technical and practical tasks to support diagnosis and treatment of illness, disease, injuries and impairments in humans and animals, and to support implementation of health care, treatment and referrals plans usually established by medical, veterinary, nursing and other health professionals.

Tasks performed by workers in the sub-major group usually include: testing and operating medical imaging equipment and administering radiation therapy; performing clinical tests on specimens of bodily fluids and tissues; preparing medications and other pharmaceutical compounds under the guidance of pharmacists; designing, fitting, servicing and repairing medical and dental devices and appliances; providing nursing and personal care and midwifery support services; using herbal and other therapies based on theories, beliefs and experiences originating in specific cultures.


Business and Administration Associate Professionals

Business and administration associate professionals perform mostly technical tasks connected with the practical application of knowledge relating to financial accounting and transaction matters, mathematical calculations, human resource development, selling and buying financial instruments, specialized secretarial tasks, and enforcing or applying relevant government rules. Also included are workers who provide business services such as customs clearance, conference planning, job placements, buying and selling real estate or bulk commodities, and serving as agents for performers such as athletes and artists.

Tasks performed by workers in this sub-major group usually include recording and transmitting buy and sell orders for securities, stocks, bonds or other financial instruments and for foreign exchange for future or immediate delivery; submitting credit and loan applications to management with recommendations for approval or rejection; approving or rejecting applications within authorized limits ensuring that credit standards of the institution are respected; maintaining complete records of all financial transactions of an undertaking according to general bookkeeping principles, with guidance from Accountants; assisting in planning and performing mathematical, statistical, actuarial, accounting and related calculations; selling and buying financial instruments.


Legal, Social, Cultural and Related Professionals

Legal, social, cultural and related associate professionals perform technical tasks connected with the practical application of knowledge relating to legal services, social work, culture, food preparation, sport and religion.

Tasks performed in this sub-major group usually include: providing technical and practical services and support functions in legal processes and investigations, social and community assistance programs, and religious and cultural activities; participating and adjudicating in sporting events; developing and delivering sports coaching, fitness and recreational programmes; combining creative and technical skills in a variety of artistic, cultural and culinary activities; creating dishes and menus and overseeing the preparation of meals.


Information and Communications Technician

Information and communications technicians provide support for the day-to-day running of computer systems, communications systems and networks and perform technical tasks related to telecommunications, broadcast of image and sound as well as other types of telecommunications signals on land, sea or in aircraft.

Tasks performed by workers in this sub-major group usually include: providing assistance to information and communications systems users ; installing new programs and equipment; establishing, operating and maintaining network and other data communications systems; installing, monitoring and supporting Internet and Intranet websites or web server hardware or software; modifying web pages; and performing web server backup and recovery operations; controlling equipment to record sound, edit and mix image and sound recordings; controlling and maintaining transmitting and broadcast systems and satellite systems for radio and television programmes; controlling and maintaining radio communications systems, satellite services, and multiplex systems on land, sea or in aircraft; providing technical assistance connected with research and the development of computer systems and telecommunications equipment, or testing prototypes; designing and preparing blueprints of circuitry according to the specifications given; providing technical supervision of the manufacture, utilization, maintenance and repair of telecommunications systems.