2017 Labor Turnover Statistics

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Friday, July 13, 2018
This LABSTAT Updates is a special issue that presents the highlights of the quarterly Labor Turnover Survey (LTS) for 2017. The Labor Turnover Survey (LTS) is a quarterly sample survey of enterprises conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) since the third quarter of 2002. The survey aims to capture “job creations” and “job displacement” in business enterprises based in Metro Manila by collecting quarterly data on accessions and separations of workers. A total of 1,372 enterprises served as respondents in all quarter rounds of the 2017 Labor Turnover Survey. The sample enterprises were drawn from the 2016 NCR List of Enterprises.
Employment continues to grow positively in 2017

The overall employment in large enterprises based in Metro Manila showed positive performances in all quarters of 2017. (Figure 1 and  Table 1)

In 2017, the turnover rate on employment for all industries was lowest in the third quarter at 1.10 percent and highest in the second quarter at 2.10 percent.

The apparent positive performance has been subsequently observed in the past three (3) years, as accession rates consistently exceeded separation rates from 2015 to 2017.

The labor turnover rates for services sector also sustained its positive growth for the past three years.  On the contrary, the agriculture and industry sectors showed varying trends during the period.

Thirteen to twenty-one persons per 1,000 employed are added to the enterprise workforce
In 2017, the quarter-to-quarter labor turnover rates indicated that for every 1,000 employed the following numbers of persons were added in the total workforce of all industries: 13 (1st quarter); 21 (2nd quarter); 11 (3rd quarter); and 14 (4th quarter). 
Expansion and replacement of workers both create job openings 
The high accession rates during the period were attributed to business expansion during the 2nd quarter and 4th quarter registered at 5.43 percent and 4.20 percent, respectively.  On the other hand, rate of accession due to replacement of separated workers were recorded during the 1st quarter at 4.51 percent and 3rd quarter at 4.73 percent. (Figure 2)
Among industries, mining and quarrying topped in terms of accession due to expansion of business activities for all the quarters in 2017.  The rates ranged from  9.04 percent (3rd quarter) to 20.56 percent (4th quarter).
On the other hand, wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles posted the highest accession rate due to replacement of separated workers which were occurred in following quarters of the year: 9.43 percent (2nd quarter); 8.12 percent (3rd quarter); and    7.76 percent (4th quarter).
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