2020 Updating of the List of Establishments (ULE)

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Friday, July 3, 2020

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) granted clearance to the conduct of the 2020 Updating of the List of Establishments (ULE). The statistical activity aims to update the Statistical Business Register (SBR), a register of businesses in the country containing basic information about the establishments. The SBR also serves as the source of sampling frame for the census and surveys of establishments and enterprises. Data from the list of establishments are used by the government in the formulation of policies and implementation of programs in the country as well as by the private sector.

An establishment is defined as an economic unit which engages under a single ownership or control, i.e. under single legal entity; in one or predominantly one kind of economic activity at a single fixed physical location.

The 2020 ULE will focus on updating using information from secondary sources. For this 2020 ULE, the target secondary sources are the lists from different government business registration agencies or units, such as:

  1. List of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) from the Philippine Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR); and,
  2. List of newly registered businesses and business that applied for closure from selected Local Government Units (LGUs).

Field validation of status and characteristics of establishments not yet listed in the SBR will be done to complete the information prior to inclusion in the register.

The updating period will start this  June 2020 up to 30 June 2021.

Among the data items to be collected in the listing are the following:

  • Business Name
  • Registered Name
  • Business Address
  • Economic Area
  • Economic Organization
  • Legal Organization
  • Nationality of Owner/Major Stockholder/Contributor
  • Economic Activity or Business
  • Year Started Operation
  • Total Employment
  • Paid Employees
  • Total Assets

The ULE was reviewed and cleared for conduct under the Statistical Survey Review and Clearance System (SSRCS), a mechanism being implemented by the PSA by virtue of Rule 28 of Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act (RA) No. 10625 to:

  • ensure sound design for data collection,
  • minimize the burden placed upon respondents,
  • effect economy in statistical data collection,
  • eliminate unnecessary duplication of statistical data collection efforts, and
  • achieve better coordination of government statistical activities.

In line with this, the PSA enjoins all establishments to support the said statistical activities.

For further information on SSRCS, please contact the Statistical Standards Division (SSD) of the Standards Service (SS) with telephone numbers
(02) 8376-1928 and (02) 8376-1931, and email address ssd.staff@psa.gov.ph an ssdss.staff@gmail.com.



National Statistician and Civil Registrar General