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Data on causes of death presented in this press release were obtained from the deaths registered, either timely or belatedly, at the appropriate Office of the City/Municipal Civil Registrar throughout the country and subsequently submitted for encoding to the Office of the Civil Registrar General through the Provincial Statistical Offices (PSOs) of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). The information presented includes deaths that occurred from January to July 2023 based on data files received and initially processed by the PSA - Civil Registration Service (CRS) from the PSOs as of 30 September 2023. Thus, the figures presented herein are still provisional and may differ from the final count. Deaths of Filipinos abroad are not yet included in this release, but Filipinos whose usual residence is abroad and foreign nationals with deaths occurring in the country during the reference period were included in this report.



Ischaemic heart diseases, neoplasms, and cerebrovascular diseases lead the causes of death in the Philippines

The top three causes of death in the country from January to July of 2023 were ischaemic heart diseases, neoplasms, and cerebrovascular diseases. In the same period in 2022, the leading causes of death were ischaemic heart diseases, cerebrovascular diseases and neoplasms. From January to July of 2023, ischaemic heart diseases were the leading cause of death with 65,346 cases or 19.1 percent of the total deaths in the country. On the other hand, neoplasms, came in second with 35,672 deaths (10.4% share). Cerebrovascular diseases were the third leading cause which accounted for 35,076 recorded cases (10.2% share) from January to July 2023. Deaths due to diabetes mellitus recorded 21,510 cases or 6.3 percent share, making it the fourth leading cause of death, while deaths due to pneumonia, which ranked fifth, recorded 20,116 cases or 5.9 percent share. (Figure 1 and Table 1)

Figure 1. All Causes of Mortality (Top 20), Philippines: January to July, 2022 and 2023





National Statistician and Civil Registrar General



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