Call for Applicants for the PhilSys Project Management Staff – PhilSys Registry Office

Release Date: 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Posting/Filing Period : 03 March 2021 – 12 March 2021
Where to File

Applications are online.
Please check our website at

Please register your PSA Applicant
Portal Account at

For inquiries : Telephone no. (02) 83748260
Email: (Secretariat)

Applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. Scanned copy of the signed APPLICATION LETTER stating the specific position title with salary grade (SG) level and specific place of assignment as posted; The application letter must be addressed to:

Dennis S. Mapa, Ph.D.
National Statistician and Civil Registrar General

  1. Scanned copy of duly accomplished PERSONAL DATA SHEET (PDS) with recent ID picture taken within three (3) months prior to submission of application (CSC Form No. 212, Revised 2017) duly subscribed and sworn to before an authorized administering officer;
  1. Scanned copy of signed WORK EXPERENCE SHEET (CSC Form No. 212 – as Attachment to PDS);
  1. Scanned copy of AUTHENTICATED ELIGIBILITY (CSC, CESB, RA 1080, PD 907, etc.);
  1. Scanned copy of TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS;
  1. Scanned copy of CERTIFICATE/S OF TRAINING participated within the last five (5) years relevant to the position applied for (if applicable); and
  1. Scanned copy of CERTIFICATES OF WORK EXPERIENCE relevant to the position (for applicants with work experience).

Additional instructions for strict compliance:

  1. For inquiries regarding application, you may contact the Human Resources Division through the email address provided using email subject below:

[Inquiry] Call for Intent/Application for Contract of Service Worker (COSW) Position in PRO-PhilSys Project Management Staff

  1. The PSA reserves the right to suspend or terminate hiring process for qualified reasons or disqualify any and/or all applicants for failure to comply any of the foregoing requirements and instructions without incurring liabilities against any of the applicant/s.
  1. Applicants must present the original copy of the documents/attachments to the Secretariat before the interview. In case the interview is online or via video conference platform and it is difficult for the candidate to appear before the Secretariat, the presentation of original documents for verification and authenticities are subject to instruction of the Secretariat appropriate for the situation. Inability to present any of these documents will lead to automatic disqualification.
  1. Applications and documents submitted after the deadline, 12 March 2021, will not be considered.

Applications with incomplete attachments and/or incomplete information or signature within a particular attachment will not be considered.

  1. List of positions with duties and responsibilities can also be found in Annex 1. Rationale and Terms of Reference which is uploaded at the PSA website
  1. Interviews of pre-qualified applicants will be conducted at the PSA Central Office located at Eton Centris Complex, EDSA cor. Quezon Ave., Diliman, Quezon City

The Committee on COSWs may conduct online interview or change the venue of the interview subject to two (2) days prior notice to the concerned applicants via email or through mobile/cellular phone.


Approved by:


National Statistician and Civil Registrar General