Census of Agriculture and Fisheries

Release Date: 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A decennial undertaking of complete count of all farm operators.

Gathers data on structures and characteristics of farms such as size; tenure of holdings; land use and area planted to crops; production and number of livestock and poultry; and distribution and number of households engaged in farming, fishing, and related activities.

These basic information are essential in drawing up programs and policies for the agricultural and fishery sectors of the economy, specifically toward improving the lot of small farm workers and, ultimately, the rural poor. 

Document type: Book  
Frequency: Every 10 years
Latest editions: 2002 Census
of Agriculture
Also available in CD-PUF    
  Vol. I Final Report    
  1991 Census
of Agriculture
  Vol. I Final Report (According to the Residence
of the Farm Operator)
     a. Summary for the Philippines
     b. Data by region - variable
  Vol. II Final Report (by Location of the Farm
     a. Summary for the Philippines
     b. Data by province - variable