Clerical error bill signed into law

Release Date: 

Monday, April 2, 2001

Good news to those who have problems with errors in their birth certificates.

President Macapagal-Arroyo has signed into law the Clerical Error Bill, now known as Republic Act No. 9048, which is expected to hasten the process of correction of errors in birth certificates.

Authored by Valenzuela Rep. Magi Gunigundo, the law will enable people to correct in less than three weeks the mistakes in their birth certificates that were committed by employees of the office of the civil registrar.

Before the bill was signed into law, it often took the government at least six months to correct such mistakes, what with the long and arduous bureaucratic procedures, Gunigundo said.

People needed to hire a lawyer to facilitate the correction and have the correction published in a paper of general circulation. A court order was also needed.

"It's so unfair and unjust," Gunigundo said.

The new law, however, will focus on the correction of misspelled names, not on the change in gender and other crucial aspects of the birth certificate.