Customer Satisfaction Survey Consolidated Results Metro Manila CRS Outlets Third Quarter 2021

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Central Office conducted its Third Quarter 2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) for the Civil Registry System (CRS) Outlets in Metro Manila covering the Central Outlet (East Avenue, Quezon City), Caloocan, Makati, Muntinlupa, Pasay, Pasig, and Valenzuela on 20 to 24 September 2021 with 100 percent response rate from the 950 randomly selected respondents.

The Third Quarter 2021 CSS marked as another milestone for the PSA Civil Registration Service as this was the first time a tablet-based data collection in lieu of the paper and pencil data gathering was implemented. The enumerators were trained to facilitate an interview using Android-based application which mimics the actual CSS questionnaire. This method of enumeration offers a simple, accurate, and fast data gathering solution for CSS quarterly surveys. This has also a significant impact on the consistency of data and completeness of responses at the enumeration level, and it eliminated the need for in-house data encoding and improved the data validation time.

The demographic characteristics of respondents by outlet location reported that 560 or 58.9 percent of the total respondents were males while 390 or 41.1 percent were females. Most of the respondents reside in National Capital Region or NCR (819 or 86.2%), 12.4 percent reside outside NCR while 1.4 percent of the respondents did not report their usual residence.

Educational attainment shows that majority of the respondents were college graduate or higher (55.2%), 39.0 percent of the respondents were high school graduate, 4.0 percent were high school undergraduate or lower while 1.8 percent of the respondents did not specify their educational attainment. The educational attainment of the respondents matched the statistics of the employment status wherein 51.4 percent of the respondents were currently employed while 46.4 percent were unemployed, and 2.2 percent did not indicate their employment status.

Figure 1. Overall Satisfaction Ratings

The customer satisfaction is measured through evaluating and assessing the quality and performance of service delivery of the Metro Manila Outlets. The service category that are being assessed are: prompt and timely processing of requests, frontline employee’s delivery of services, efficiency of procedures, and condition of outlet facilities. Figure 1 shows that trend of the overall satisfaction rating from the third quarter of 2020 to third quarter of 2021, 97.7 percent of the respondents says that they were very satisfied or satisfied on the services being offered in the PSA Metro Manila Outlets.

CRS Outlets in the cities of Pasig and Valenzuela gained the highest satisfaction rating (100%) among the CRS Outlets followed by Muntinlupa CRS Outlet with 99.5 percent. Makati CRS Outlet got the lowest satisfaction rating with 92.5 percent.

This survey also intends to obtain the awareness of the respondents on ways of acquiring civil registry documents and 60.0 percent of the respondents were aware on other ways of acquiring civil registry documents. Figure 2 shows that the respondents were more aware of using online or via internet in acquiring the civil registry documents.

Figure 2. Awareness on ways of Acquiring Civil Registry


- Civil Registration Service, Civil Registration and Central Support Office