Customer Satisfaction Survey - September 2005

Reference Number: 

2005 - 3

Release Date: 

Monday, December 5, 2005


Satisfaction rating recovered since December 2004

The number of clients who were either satisfied or very satisfied with NSO's civil registry services in September 2005 increased to 68 percent from 59.6 percent in June 2005. It was the first increase in satisfaction rating since a year ago in September 2004 when it was reported at 79.9 percent. Satisfaction rating decreased in the last three rounds of the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) by as much as 20 percentage points.  

Net satisfaction increased by 12 percentage points to 63 percent this survey round from 51 percent in June 2005 round although it was still lower by about 14 percentage points than a year ago at 77 percent in September 2004. 

There were about 543,690 transactions in September 2005 and more than half of the monthly volume of transactions were processed and released at the service areas covered by the survey.

More clients are either satisfied or very satisfied with the Metro Manila Outlets, which include the Pasig, Makati, Caloocan, Muntinlupa, and Pasay Census Serbilis Centers at 75 percent or a 12 percentage points increase from 63 percent in June 2005 round, than the CRD Service Areas at East Avenue and Vibal, Quezon Avenue, which include the Application, Releasing, Endorsement, Party Waiting, and Travel Agency areas, where only 65 percent of the clients were either satisfied or very satisfied with NSO's civil registry services.

Table 1. Net Satisfaction Rating and Volume of Transactions: March 2003 - September 2005

  CSS Survey Round     Net Satisfaction Rating      Volume  
Mar 2004 +50.6 272,643
Jun 2004 +66.0 251,237
Sep 2004 +76.9 236,749
Dec 2004 +71.8 161,641
Mar 2005 +55.8 266,829
Jun 2005 +51.0 272,384
Sep 2005 +63.0 287,201

Net satisfaction rating between major service area groups, however, showed a wide disparity of about 15 percentage points. The Metro Manila Outlets got 72.7 percent while the CRD Service Areas only got 57.9 percent

At the CRD Service Areas, the Releasing areas located at NSO in Vibal and at NSO East Avenue had the lowest net satisfaction rating of only +38.3 percent. Travel Agency and Application areas had the high rating at 85 and 73 percent, respectively. 

Table 2. Net Satisfaction Rating at CRD Service Areas, September 2005

Service Area   Very  Dissatisfied     Dissatisfied     Neutral     Satisfied   Very  
Net Satisfaction  
Application 0.6 1.3 23.3 42.2 32.6 72.8
Releasing 4.9 9.2 33.4 31.0 21.5 38.3
Endorsement 2.1 3.1 33.0 52.6 8.2 55.7
Party Waiting/RA 9048/CDLI 1.4 5.7 28.6 51.4 12.9 57.1
Travel Agency - - 15.4 61.5 23.1 84.6
Total 2.3 4.7 28.1 41.4 23.5 57.9  

The number of clients served at the service counters within 30 minutes increased by 11 percentage points to 48 percent from 37 percent in June 2005. A year ago in September 2004, about half of the clients of NSO (53%) were served within 30 minutes.

Except for the Travel Agency area, all other CRD service areas showed an increase in the number of clients served within 30 minutes. Releasing and Endorsement areas both increased by 21 percentage points followed by Party Waiting with 19 percentage points increase from June 2005 CSS round. Travel Agency had a 43 percentage points decrease for the period.

Among the Metro Manila Outlets, Pasay CenSC showed the highest increase at 20 percentage points followed by Pasig CenSC with 19. Muntinlupa CenSC clients who were served within 30 minutes stayed at 30 percent.

Seven out of ten (65%) of the respondents/clients were female; majority were within the 20-34 age group (55%); and with college education (62%). There were fewer respondents/clients who said they have work (49%) than those who are not working (51%). With the presence of the regional and provincial Census Serbilis outlets nationwide, 70 percent of the respondents/clients were Metro Manila residents while those from areas outside Metro Manila comprise 30 percent of the respondents/clients.

Passport and Embassy purposes combined remained as the dominant reasons for securing civil registry documents at 27 and 15 percent, respectively. About four percent of the respondents needed their documents for PRC examination. Other reasons include: for school requirement (12%), for local employment (14%), and for SSS/GSIS (15%). Eighty-seven percent of the total documents requested were for birth (65%) and marriage certificates (22%).