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Republic Act No. 10625 (RA 10625) or the “Philippine Statistical Act of 2013,” provides for the establishment of interagency statistical committees (IACs) by the PSA Board for the purpose of coordinating and resolving agency and sectoral concerns on statistical matters.  The IACs serve as forums for discussion of the issues raised by concerned producers, users and other stakeholders of statistics.

By virtue of RA 10625, the PSA Board is also granted the authority to create IACs other than those provided in the RA, or abolish them as appropriate.  The PSA Board defines the composition and terms of reference of the IACs which will allow flexibility and the ability to respond to future emerging statistical concerns on various sectors.

In addition to the IACs, technical committees (TCs) and task forces (TFs) have been created by the PSA Board. The TC has the same functions as the IACs but membership to the committee is based on one’s personal expertise in a particular sector/field. On the other hand, a TF is created to lead the conduct of a particular task/study and shall be terminated once the output has been submitted to the PSA Board.

1. Technical Committee on Poverty StatisticsMO 01, 2. 2020
2. Technical Committee on Statistical Standards and ClassificationsMO 12, 2. 2020
3. IAC on Agriculture and Fishery StatisticsMO 08, s. 2018
4. IAC on Civil Registration and Vital StatisticsMO 03, s. 2019
5. IAC on Education StatisticsMO 08, s. 2019
6. IAC on Environment and Natural Resources StatisticsMO 05, s. 2020
7. IAC on Monetary, Financial and Government Finance StatisticsMO 01, s. 2021
8. IAC on Gender, Children and Youth StatisticsMO 02, s. 2020
9. IAC on Governance StatisticsMO 09, s. 2017
10. IAC on Health and Nutrition StatisticsMO 04, s. 2019
11. IAC on Information and Communications Technology StatisticsMO 06, s. 2020
12. IAC on Transportation and Infrastructure StatisticsMO 06, s. 2023
13. IAC on Investment StatisticsMO 02, s. 2019
14. IAC on Labor and Productivity StatisticsMO 07, s. 2020
15. IAC on Macroeconomic Accounts StatisticsMO 04, s. 2020
16. IAC on Migration StatisticsMO 04, s. 2018
17. IAC on Population and Housing StatisticsMO 08, s. 2023
18. IAC on Price StatisticsMO 07, s. 2019
19. IAC on Science, Technology and Innovation StatisticsMO 01, s. 2019
20. IAC on Security, Justice and Peace StatisticsMO 10, s. 2020
21. IAC on Social Protection StatisticsMO 11, s. 2020
22. IAC on Statistical Information Management and DisseminationMO 09, s. 2020
23. IAC on Tourism StatisticsMO 02, s. 2020
24. IAC on Trade and Industry StatisticsMO 11, s. 2018
25. IAC on PSS ResourcesMO 12, s. 2018
26. Task Force on Big Data for Official StatisticsMO 04, s. 2022
27. Task Force on Citizen-Generated Data for Official ReportingMO 09, s. 2019